10 Months!

Hi all,

Isaac is 10 months old! One of the most obvious changes since our last email is that Isaac's hair is now curly - somehow over the last week and a half it's been getting curlier and curlier! Isaac now has 4 teeth, he's perfected his fake (attention-getting) laugh, is very liberal with kisses, and claps on demand (he understands when we say 'can you clap?'). We had some special visitors - Isaac's Baba and Auntie Sari each came and stayed with us for a few days. We also had a few milestones - Evan's first Father's Day (we spent it at a street festival where Evan participated in a pizza eating contest - and no, thankfully he did not win!), Isaac's first Canada Day (we spent it at Granville Island with our friends), and Evan and I spent our first night away from Iz (we went to Seattle for a wedding while Grandma and Grandpa did an amazing job of looking after our little boy).

We hope you enjoy the pictures and videos!

Melisa, Evan, and Isaac

Video Links:
Bubble bath (warning - PG content)
Making music
Just hanging out
(I just realized all the above titles could be construed as a little dirty but I'm not changing them)

Bonus videos: Pizza eating contest and He's not always happy...