Isaac - 10.5 Months Old!

Hi all,

Isaac has grown up a lot over these past couple of weeks. He's gone from 3-4 naps a day down to 2 longer naps (so now he's like all the other kiddies his age) and is going to bed a bit later these days. He can use a straw, can hold his bottle by himself (when he feels like it) and had his first taste of ice cream. He got up close and personal with his first cat and dog and wasn't scared of either - in fact he was very interested in both (there was some tail and ear pulling, but the critters handled it very well). Isaac attended his first baseball game and casting call (he did not get a call-back for the diaper commercial - obviously they made a huge mistake :P ).

Hope you enjoy the pictures and videos!

Melisa, Evan, and Isaac

Video Links:
Adventures in food (the nectarine edition)
Living room fun
Isaac vs the aquarium
Isaac's last jump
Meeting the cat
Chilling on the bed
Walking the couch
Learning about water
Hello from Stanley Park
OSF lunch Part 1
OSF lunch Part 2 (excuse Evan's Daddy brain)