The Turkey, Redux

A couple years ago (and a couple blog posts ago) I made a big ol turkey dinner for Melisa and I and it turned out quite well.  I've made some others since then, all in the same method, but over the Christmas to New Years break we had another turkey, and although I prepared and cooked it very similarly, I did do a couple of things differently, which turned out to be quite successful! I thought I'd outline them here for your enjoyment. :)

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Everybody seems to be getting married lately!  Well maybe not everyone, but a good chunk of them...  A couple of weeks ago we went to a wedding that had a full Chinese 12 course banquet dinner which was pretty crazy but also quite lovely.  (Pictures of said dishes are in a album Melisa uploaded to facebook for those that are interested and have access)  Yesterday evening we got back from a 6 hour trek to the interior of BC after spending a weekend attending another lovely wedding and visiting some wineries.  Something new I learned, people from that area refer to the Vancouver region as "the coast", as in "I don't really feel like driving to The Coast" which I thought was pretty funny, certainly not something you'd ever think to call if when you live here.  In a couple of weeks we're heading back out to the interior for another friend's wedding right before flying out to New York so we've got a lot of things on the go (mixed with work being super busy now that students are back at UBC).  I thought 3 weddings in 2 months was a lot but one of our friends is going to five! so that's kinda crazy.  Fun times though all around. Noticed that wordpress switched over to their new jetpack service so I enabled that on the backend, from a user perspective you won't really notice anything different except for the twitter feed on the right is a bit cleaner looking now as it's integrated into wordpress itself and no longer relying on a third party plugin and there should be a couple of new sharing buttons on the bottom of this post which again are integrated into the site now.  Well another thing you'll notice is that there is a new post on the page, so there's that.  Maybe there will be more to come.

The Turkey

A couple months ago, around easter, Safeway had a deal where if you bought a turkey under 16lbs you could get it for 99cents a pound.  This price was too good to pass up so Melisa and I immediately trekked out and procured a 15lbs bird, obviously wanting to make the most of this sale.   Since then this turkey has been sitting in our deep freeze, waiting for it's time to shine, and today it shined so bright.

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The Butter Steak

For the past few years Melisa and I have been living in apartments that either don't have balconies or don't allow barbecues, this has not gone over well with my stomach as I love to BBQ.  I've been searching for ways to successfully cook up a good steak indoors and thus far have always met with failure.  This failure finally ended tonight after cooking The Butter Steak. Unfortunately I don't own a Cast Iron Skillet and have never gotten around to finding a good place to buy one in Vancouver, further to that I have no idea where the broil pan is that came with my stove so the two common high heat short cook time methods of indoor steaking have never been an option for me.  I've tried numerous times to cook a steak on the stove top in a nonstick pan but it has never worked out, yesterday though in the Something Awful forum's 'Goons with Spoons' section I stumbled across a thread dedicated to steaks and therein lay my answer, a medium heat long cook time approach to steak that I have never heard of before.  Basically it involves using the maillard reaction through butter to give the a nice crust even at a medium heat but also to keep the meat rare to medium rare with a long cooking time.  For a better explanation of the cooking process as well as instructions and fancy pictures I highly recommend you visit The Paupered Chef's page dedicated to the process.  This in turn will lead you to an egullet article on the methods that started the ball rolling and has more info on how to cook the perfect butter steak.

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Hops & Hockey

Do you like the Olympics? (Which are going on right now in my home city of Vancouver!) Do you like hockey? Do you like Beer?  If the answers to those questions are yes than do I have the podcast for you!  This week I was the guest on the Hops & Hockey podcast to bring a little Canadian perspective onto the weekly show now that the Olympic hockey tournament is in full swing.  So if you want to hear my voice again! (and why woudn't you) you can check it out here. So speaking of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics they have been pretty awesome so far.  It's quite neat to be living in the city where they are going on and I managed to go to a Women's Hockey game last week which was quite the experience. (as a side holy cow is women's hockey terrible unless you are on the Canadian or American team)

Some Other Podcast

A couple of weeks ago I made a special guest apperance to fill in on Some Other Podcast, want to hear my voice and my opinions on post E3 gaming news?  Of course you do!  Just go right here. With the release of Battlefield: 1943 this week I even got all misty for the series and managed to write a second article for my Jaded PC Gamer "column" which you can see over here.

I should probably write more but it's just so easy being lazy.  My wife is currently on a 3 week trip to Italy and London, you'd think I would have lots of free time for things like "writing" or "not being an asshole" but man it's tough, plus my mom came out and visited me this week.  Well she's leaving tomorrow and I still have one week of freedom left so maybe I can do something productive, we'll see!

End of an Era

Well that's it for Battlestar Galactica.  I liked the finale overall but I have a lot of problems with it, here are my random thoughts about those problems that I sent in an e-mail to my wife just now (she liked it more than me):

- opera house meaning hardly important, hera was walking into CIC anyways - why was the opera house teased at use for 4 seasons? - no idea what starbuck is (an angel?) - Head Baltar and Head Six are also what, angels? - “god did it” is a terrible explanation for all the questions left unanswered in the series - convinced 38,000 to just give up everything - fact that they did give up everything, all those raw materials - anders didn’t get a choice to fly into the sun and die or not - adama had to leave for some reason? - everybody decided to settle way apart from each other - robot montage/current day footage way too heavy handed I liked it a lot on a macro level, stuff was wrapped up, but when you look down on a micro level at the various events it falls apart for me.  Sure stuff wraps up but I don’t like the explanations for how they got wrapped up.

Ah well, at least Baltar gets to be a Farmer now