9.5 Months

Hi all!

Our little boy is almost 10 months! He now kisses himself in the mirror, loves shoulder rides, and is terrified of tooth brushes. He is cutting his top 2 teeth right now but handling it very well. Isaac is very adventurous and pulls himself up on things and plops right back down without being phased in the slightest. He can even climb stairs (though we don't allow it as he likes to randomly push backwards and launch himself back down). I spent my first night away from Isaac and went to Whistler last weekend to do a 10km run with my friend - Daddy and Isaac did very well without me :)

Here are the pics and videos from our last two weeks!

Crawling afficianado
Say no to cavities
Baby jail
Red bull fan
Stair climber

Melisa, Evan, and Isaac