Izzy Week 4

Hi all!

Here is the next installment of pictures! Isaac is now just over 1 month old. He's starting to change and really look like a little boy (you'll see it in the pics for next week!). He seems to be a "spirited" baby and really likes to eat. Immediately. Although he can be pretty fussy at times we are lucky that he sleeps well during the night. He sleeps in his bassinet in our living room and usually feeds at 10pm, 2 or 3 am, and 6:30 am. I seem to be doing well off these chunks of sleep and don't usually nap during the day. He's also starting to be able to be a little more independent and entertain himself for short 5-10 min chunks. We're lucky that he loves motion - he falls asleep almost instantly in the Baby Bjorn carrier, car seat, or stroller, or when we dance around to music with a good beat! 

Melisa, Evan, and Isaac