Everybody seems to be getting married lately!  Well maybe not everyone, but a good chunk of them...  A couple of weeks ago we went to a wedding that had a full Chinese 12 course banquet dinner which was pretty crazy but also quite lovely.  (Pictures of said dishes are in a album Melisa uploaded to facebook for those that are interested and have access)  Yesterday evening we got back from a 6 hour trek to the interior of BC after spending a weekend attending another lovely wedding and visiting some wineries.  Something new I learned, people from that area refer to the Vancouver region as "the coast", as in "I don't really feel like driving to The Coast" which I thought was pretty funny, certainly not something you'd ever think to call if when you live here.  In a couple of weeks we're heading back out to the interior for another friend's wedding right before flying out to New York so we've got a lot of things on the go (mixed with work being super busy now that students are back at UBC).  I thought 3 weddings in 2 months was a lot but one of our friends is going to five! so that's kinda crazy.  Fun times though all around. Noticed that wordpress switched over to their new jetpack service so I enabled that on the backend, from a user perspective you won't really notice anything different except for the twitter feed on the right is a bit cleaner looking now as it's integrated into wordpress itself and no longer relying on a third party plugin and there should be a couple of new sharing buttons on the bottom of this post which again are integrated into the site now.  Well another thing you'll notice is that there is a new post on the page, so there's that.  Maybe there will be more to come.