End of an Era

Well that's it for Battlestar Galactica.  I liked the finale overall but I have a lot of problems with it, here are my random thoughts about those problems that I sent in an e-mail to my wife just now (she liked it more than me):

- opera house meaning hardly important, hera was walking into CIC anyways - why was the opera house teased at use for 4 seasons? - no idea what starbuck is (an angel?) - Head Baltar and Head Six are also what, angels? - “god did it” is a terrible explanation for all the questions left unanswered in the series - convinced 38,000 to just give up everything - fact that they did give up everything, all those raw materials - anders didn’t get a choice to fly into the sun and die or not - adama had to leave for some reason? - everybody decided to settle way apart from each other - robot montage/current day footage way too heavy handed I liked it a lot on a macro level, stuff was wrapped up, but when you look down on a micro level at the various events it falls apart for me.  Sure stuff wraps up but I don’t like the explanations for how they got wrapped up.

Ah well, at least Baltar gets to be a Farmer now