Battlestar Season 4.0 Finale - What a Disappointment

Wow what a disappointment all around. People have been hyping us every day to see this episode for more than a week and now that we've seen it... ugh.

The ending was very predictable and I was hoping they weren't going to do it, but of course they did which just confirms that Moore couldn't help himself from making a real world earth allegory, and how if stay on our current pattern we're all going to nuke ourselves to death.

The whole ending just could of been way more interesting, I predicted every scene (Tigh giving himself up to Adama, giving up the others, etc..) eventually Melisa told me to shut up heh. But at least that scene was interesting, but then of course they didn't actually space Tigh or any of the others and all of the tension that had been built up in that airlock scene was completely lost by the ending.

Also there was way too much stupid hugging before they bothered to even check out what was going on on the planet. That scene makes no sense compared to how the characters act in every other episode of the series, unless Apollo has turned into a male stripper. We know that they have the ability to check radiation from space (the Cylons especially, which is how they found New Caprica), wouldn't they of detected the aftermaths of World War Nuke on earth?

And what about the 4 cylons that had been hiding in the fleet all this time. After they find earth all of a sudden nobody cares about them anymore? Adama magically was cool with Tigh again? Plus they don't seem to be worried about where/whot the 5th is model is and none of them seemed to pick up on how Diana said the 5th is not in the fleet. (Luckily Helo at that time was not in the fleet and was instead on the basestar, so that doesn't ruin my Helo is the 5th model theory)

And one of the biggest problems and something I've been saying this all season, Tory is the most uninteresting character on the show and by far the lamest of the new models. Nobody has any vested interest in her character at all (she is no Billy). She kills Cally and this is never followed up on, other than the fact that she "likes" being a cylon, and is the first to go to them, and because of this she is allowed to just kill people because in her mind that is what Cylons do!!! So many posibilities, she killed Cally so she could be with the chief, she killed Cally so that she woudn't tell anybody who the Cylons were. Instead she killed Cally to show how Cylons are moody and how she was trying to fit in. Ooh man good thing Cally died for that!!!! I love this show but I'm just not jazzed at all, no interesting cliffhanger really. Either they do the New Caprica bit over again, or they just go back into space and search for a new planet, either way nothing has really changed and the fact that it's going to take 6 or 7 months for a new episode to actually air really does not help keep people interested and coming back for more.