Almost 18 Months!

Hi all,

It's only been a couple weeks since our last update but we already have a lot of new pics and videos. Isaac, Grandma Donna, and I went up to Oliver over the long weekend to visit Isaac's Great-Grandparents. We had a wonderful time with lots of laughs and many memories made. We were also so happy to be able to celebrate their 65 wedding anniversary - such an amazing milestone!!

Isaac's vocab is quickly expanding - he probably has 30-50 words/animal sounds/phrases now. I wasn't able to catch all of his "tricks" on video but I tried to get some of them! (He raises his arm for the elephant sound to mimic the trunk and dances for the turkey's gobble-gobble for some odd reason!) We're really enjoying this stage. Today Isaac went in his first bouncy castle (loved it!), said lots of new words for the first time (wet, splash, night-night), enjoyed exploring around Langara while I did some quick photocopying, and gave Mommy a cute book "Hug Time" for Valentines' Day (although I suspect it's secretly for him!).

Love to you all (and Isaac blows you some extra-special Valentines' Day kisses)!

Isaac, Melisa, and Evan

Video Links:

Exploring at GG's

Playing in the leaves

Turkey dance

Checking out who's in the bathroom

Playing to the crowd

Dancing to GGpa's tunes

Isaac says his name!

Bouncy castle

Pigeons and puddles

Helping Mommy at work

New words Pt 1

New words Pt 2

New words Pt 3