17 Months

Hi all,

Another month has flown by! I'm back teaching full-time and Isaac is really enjoying his daycare. Drop-offs have been great lately, with Isaacshowing Evan around the Centre and then happily waving goodbye. Some other changes/events since our last update are:
- Isaac LOVES smiley faces (they put up a bunch in the daycare because he likes them so much)
- He can run (or walk really fast!)
- He has a few more words (watch, cookie, uh-oh, one, shhhh, round-and-round, stuck)
- He got his first haircut
- Howard visited us and Isaac loved hanging out with his Zaidie
- Isaac seems to understand most of what we say and communicates well by nodding yes or shaking his head no
- His favourite things are Peppa the Pig books (thanks Baba!), his snowman, trains, colouring with pencil crayons, and milk

We hope this finds you all well. We love you!
-Isaac, Evan, and Melisa

Video Links:
Change pad boogie
Pencil crayons
Dancing, colouring, clapping, and uh oh
Taking Frosty for a walk
Light switches
Mmmm gelato
Trains...for now
Feeding himself soup
A couple new words
The box (blooper reel)