16 Months

Hi all,

It's been almost a month since our last update and it's been a busy one! Isaac is continuing to understand more and show more of his personality every day.

Since our last update:
- Isaac is fully adjusted to daycare and doing very well. Daddy drops him off and picks him up every day. His favourite activity is still the water table!
- We had a lovely Hanukkah including a nice evening with Evan's cousins and their families
- We had a holiday get together with my friends from first year at UBC. Leah,Scott, and Kiyomi (6 months), and Melanie,Morgan, Lauren (3 years) and Paige (4 months). Isaac had fun terrorizing Kiyomi and running around with Lauren
- Baba Judi visited for a week and Izzy had tons of fun playing with her!
- We had the 2nd annual baby group xmas party (see the pic!)
- Isaac blows kisses and is really good at signing "please" 
- We had a good time in Abbotsford over Christmas with lots of family (Ali, Bryce, and Toya were all home from Alberta!) and Isaac got spoiled
- Isaac's favourite things are the Jack-in-the-Box, his stuffed snowman, his books (especially Peppa the Pig), and the special photo album Grandma Donna made for him
- Isaac played in the snow for the first time (we got a good dump while we were in Abby)
- Isaac said "nutcracker" (ca-ca-ca)
- Isaac helps to pick up his toys and uses a cloth to wipe the floor and his highchair tray
- He can play notes on the recorder now!

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday and wish you all the best for a happy and healthy New Year!

Melisa, Evan, and Isaac

Video Links:
Isaac and Kiyomi
5 one year olds on a couch
Bad influences...
Dance party
Unwrapping his BIG gift!
...And banging on the box
Sharing a snack with Grandma
Feeding himself (one way or another!)
Jack in the box