15.5 months

Hi all,

The biggest change since our last update is that Isaac has started daycare. We're still doing the gradual entry process but he's doing really well. Today he went on a 45 min wagon ride with a couple other kids and apparently loved it!!

Other news since our last update:
- Isaac's favourite food is curry!
- He is starting to help clean up (i.e. can put blocks back in a container)
- Still likes music with a good beat, especially Latin beats
- Is REALLY testing boundaries and can be very disobedient/stubborn
- Loves snowmen!
- Combs his hair with the comb
- Has started to attach to his stuffed giraffe (Charlie) and elephant (Chuck)
- Really likes the dreidel book we've been reading each night of Chanukah

Love to all!
-Melisa, Evan, and Isaac

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