14 Months!

Hi all,

It's time for another update! Our little guy is officially walking! He worked on it the entire month of October - his first step was Oct 1 and on Oct 31 he decided he was ready to take off. Isaac said his first word...Duck! He is also able to use sign language for milk, more, and all done. Isaac understands a lot more these days and is able to tell us what he wants. He loves walking (especially holding on to our fingers) and going up and down stairs. Isaac still loves books and will now bring us a book to read to him (he shoves the book in our face and climbs on our lap!).

We did our 2nd Annual visit to the Stanley Park Ghost Train with the baby group (Isaac was Tigger) but the costume was a little snug so we decided to go with Superman for Halloween. SuperIzzy visited Evan's work for a Halloween party and a Pumpkin Carving party at the Cancer Agency on Friday the 30th. We tried to get up to Oliver to visit our Great-Grandparents but Isaac and I came down with colds so we visited with G&G in Abbotsford instead for a couple days.

Hope you enjoy the pictures and videos!

Melisa, Evan, and Isaac

Video links:
Swans at Steveston
Our talented little boy... (if you listen closely he says 'duck' right before I ask him to say it)
Ring, ring!
Dancing at the park with Grandma
Typical Iz
Shake that booty!
Ducks in the bath
Riding the waves (this is a boat-like platform that sways)
Isaac walking with Daddy (this video is super blurry and dizziness inducing - watch at your own risk!)
Fun with puffs
New snack container
And he's off!