11.5 Months

Hi all,

As usual it has been a busy 2 weeks since our last update. The biggest change is that Evan has gone back to work and I've resumed full-time Mommy duties. Things are going well but it's again been a bit of a transition for all 3 of us!

Isaac is becoming more and more of a mischievous character! Rather than playing with toys he prefers exploring his environment and playing with whatever he finds - the crib board, the garbage, frying pan, and his favourites...cords and plugs! We're working on getting him to understand (and respond) to "no" but so far we are getting mixed responses!

We're still close with the 7 other couples we did prenatal class with and the birthday celebrations have begun (8 birthdays in a few weeks is a lot!). We also had a small pre-birthday celebration for Isaac while Baba Judi was visiting. Another highlight was visiting a "farm" market in Abbotsford. At first Isaac was unsure about touching the goats but with a little demo from Grandpa, Grandma, and Daddy, Isaac was eager to grab hold!

Here are the pictures and videos. Enjoy!

Video links:
Picnic Blanket
Toy phone
Goody bag opening
Lunch time with Daddy
Phone Pt 2
This new toy's a real pickle!

Melisa, Evan, and Isaac