6.5 Months!

Hi all,

A lot has happened since our last email update. Isaac can now sit up on his own and has made huge progress in eating solid foods. It's amazing to compare 2 weeks ago (he was just starting to sit up and wasn't very stable) to now (he can sit for minutes at a time and only bails when he reaches too far for a toy). We went to the aquarium for the first time - even though he's still too little to know what he was looking at, I think he enjoyed it. We watched the dolphin show from underground and he was able to follow the dolphins swimming with his eyes! We also went to Abbotsford for a few days and he visited Grandpa at work for the first time. Isaac now has 2 meals of solid food a day and is getting really good at eating (although he loves grabbing the spoon and rubbing it against his gums). Still no teeth though!

Here are some pictures and videos! Enjoy!

Video links:
Sitting up for the first time
Sweet Jumper
Delicious Duck
Bath time with Daddy
Highchair at Jethro's

Melisa, Evan, and Isaac