Weeks 22 and 23

Isaac is now 5 months old! The last two weeks have been really good - here are a few highlights:
- Isaac had his first taste of solid food. I was eating an apple and he wanted some so we let him suck on a piece. He seemed to like it so we'll probably start him on solids in the next couple of weeks!
- Isaac spend a day with Daddy. I went to work and Evan took care of Izzy for the day! They had a great time and Evan documented it very nicely. If you click on this link you can see an album of their adventure. Be sure to click on the first picture to see a larger version with captions! 
Pictures of Daddy Day!
- Isaac has started sleeping much better and more easily. The last few nights I've only gotten up with him once to feed. We'll see if it continues but I think we've made some major progress

Here are some videos:
Out and About
Dad, stop poking me! (his cheek is red because he was napping in a pool of his drool...)
Rolling Part 1 and Part 2
Post bath
Chilling on Mom's bed
Telling stories (look at how tightly he grabs his feet - they turn white!)

We are leaving Monday to spend 2 weeks in Phoenix with Grandma Donna and Grandpa Gary so our next email will be highlights of Isaac's first vacation!

Melisa, Evan, and Mr. Iz