Week 14 - Mr. Iz

Hi all,

Isaac is now 3 months old! He's still a big cutie but has been have some problems sleeping (as in he doesn't like sleeping any more). Which means Mommy hasn't been getting too much sleep these days... We took him to the Dr and he is (in the doc's words) "the epitome of a healthy baby". He's starting to teeth (the amount of drool is ridiculous) and just went through a growth spurt so hopefully he's sleep will get back on track soon. 

This last week has been quite eventful! Isaac and I took his first trip to UBC. He participated in a research study for the Centre for Infant Cognition. He watched a puppet show designed to answer the question, "Can 3 month olds tell the difference between good and bad". While he watched the puppet show a computer tracked his eye movement to see whether he spent more time looking at the "good" or "bad" character. It was very neat and he did well so I think we'll go back (they have a new study we can participate in every month until 24 months; and no, I did not find out whether Isaac can tell the difference between good and bad). In return, Isaac was awarded his Bachelor of Arts - seems like a fair trade to me! 

We also took Isaac to a pediatric ophthalmologist to check out his eye - his left eye is a bit droopy but after a very thorough investigation of his vision, he was given a clean bill of health - his eyesight is good and he doesn't need glasses (yet). And towards the end of the week, Isaacdiscovered his feet! He loves playing with his feet and toes whenever he has the chance.

Here are some videos and pictures with some highlights from our week:
I found my feet!: https://www.dropbox.com/s/k4zvfvt9uwrr5p7/2014-11-23%2021.32.18.mp4?dl=0
Grandma's blanket: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jhuhbmxvichiif6/2014-11-28%2014.45.24.mp4?dl=0
Tummy time: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jkps6xmtpxbgu0k/2014-11-20%2020.38.06.mp4?dl=0