Isaac - 6 Months!

Hi all,

Our little boy is 6 months old! In the last two weeks we've adjusted back to our regular life post-vacation. Isaac had a cold for a few days but was a real trooper. Highlights since our last email include Isaac can now get his feet in his mouth (and since his feet are still his favourite toy, this makes him pretty happy), he is ticklish (feet, ribs, thighs, and armpits), and he loves sweet potatoes! We also bought him an activity centre that he can stand or bounce in while he plays and so far he likes it (but the Jolly Jumper is still his fave!). We hope you enjoy the pics and videos. 

Love to all!
Melisa, Evan, and Isaac

Video Links:
Hanging out with PJ
Delicious Feet!
Olympic Village

Bonus from the end of our Phoenix trip:
Car Ride Laughs
Airport Roof
7 Hours Later and Still Happy