Some Other Podcast

A couple of weeks ago I made a special guest apperance to fill in on Some Other Podcast, want to hear my voice and my opinions on post E3 gaming news?  Of course you do!  Just go right here. With the release of Battlefield: 1943 this week I even got all misty for the series and managed to write a second article for my Jaded PC Gamer "column" which you can see over here.

I should probably write more but it's just so easy being lazy.  My wife is currently on a 3 week trip to Italy and London, you'd think I would have lots of free time for things like "writing" or "not being an asshole" but man it's tough, plus my mom came out and visited me this week.  Well she's leaving tomorrow and I still have one week of freedom left so maybe I can do something productive, we'll see!