PAX 08, Less Fun than PAX 07

Well I'm back from my post wedding PAX/Seattle trip (I still don't know how I convinced Melisa to allow us to go to PAX before we go on our Honey Moon) and like last year I had a great time.

Unlike last year though I didn't really have that much fun at PAX and instead had much more fun in Seattle.  I'm not sure why, all the games in the expo hall that I was interested in I felt like I was going to buy anyways, I didn't really feel the need to see anything that was there.  Maybe because now that I've been before it sort of just seemed like more of the same.  The Enforcers were more annoying this year, there was almost no swag, the developers didn't seem as interested in talking to normal people about their games, etc etc.  Most annoying of all though is that every event with a major line started at least 30 minutes late, they didn't start letting the thousands of people into the main theater until after scheduled times for the starting of events had already past, and it takes a long time to let 2000+ people into a big room in an orderly fashion.

The whole thing was fun but I may skip it next year.  With that said I still saw some awesome things and boy do I crave Fallout 3.  Bethesda by far had the best expo section, they seemed like the only company to actaully put any money into their show.

uh.. also I got married last week (and still got to go to PAX, yay my wife), should probably post that.