18.5 Months

Hi all,

Things are pretty status quo around here. Isaac is starting to use more and more words and get into more and more trouble! 

Isaac spent some time exploring at Grandpa's shop (he must think all Grandpa's have forklifts). Other than that, his favourite places to be are behind the wheel of a car or splashing in puddles!

Here are the latest pictures and videos.

Melisa, Evan, and Isaac

Video links:
First duet
Daddy really likes to hear Isaac say banana
Biking at Grandma's
Bathtime Babbling
Present for Isaac Pt 1 (thanks Auntie Ali!)
Present Pt 2
A quick splash

Almost 18 Months!

Hi all,

It's only been a couple weeks since our last update but we already have a lot of new pics and videos. Isaac, Grandma Donna, and I went up to Oliver over the long weekend to visit Isaac's Great-Grandparents. We had a wonderful time with lots of laughs and many memories made. We were also so happy to be able to celebrate their 65 wedding anniversary - such an amazing milestone!!

Isaac's vocab is quickly expanding - he probably has 30-50 words/animal sounds/phrases now. I wasn't able to catch all of his "tricks" on video but I tried to get some of them! (He raises his arm for the elephant sound to mimic the trunk and dances for the turkey's gobble-gobble for some odd reason!) We're really enjoying this stage. Today Isaac went in his first bouncy castle (loved it!), said lots of new words for the first time (wet, splash, night-night), enjoyed exploring around Langara while I did some quick photocopying, and gave Mommy a cute book "Hug Time" for Valentines' Day (although I suspect it's secretly for him!).

Love to you all (and Isaac blows you some extra-special Valentines' Day kisses)!

Isaac, Melisa, and Evan

Video Links:

Exploring at GG's

Playing in the leaves

Turkey dance

Checking out who's in the bathroom

Playing to the crowd

Dancing to GGpa's tunes

Isaac says his name!

Bouncy castle

Pigeons and puddles

Helping Mommy at work

New words Pt 1

New words Pt 2

New words Pt 3

17 Months

Hi all,

Another month has flown by! I'm back teaching full-time and Isaac is really enjoying his daycare. Drop-offs have been great lately, with Isaacshowing Evan around the Centre and then happily waving goodbye. Some other changes/events since our last update are:
- Isaac LOVES smiley faces (they put up a bunch in the daycare because he likes them so much)
- He can run (or walk really fast!)
- He has a few more words (watch, cookie, uh-oh, one, shhhh, round-and-round, stuck)
- He got his first haircut
- Howard visited us and Isaac loved hanging out with his Zaidie
- Isaac seems to understand most of what we say and communicates well by nodding yes or shaking his head no
- His favourite things are Peppa the Pig books (thanks Baba!), his snowman, trains, colouring with pencil crayons, and milk

We hope this finds you all well. We love you!
-Isaac, Evan, and Melisa

Video Links:
Change pad boogie
Pencil crayons
Dancing, colouring, clapping, and uh oh
Taking Frosty for a walk
Light switches
Mmmm gelato
Trains...for now
Feeding himself soup
A couple new words
The box (blooper reel)

First Hair Cut!

Hi all,

Today we took Isaac for his first haircut! It was about time as his mops of curls had become quite unruly. We went to a cute place in Kits that specializes in kids haircuts. Isaac had a great time and now looks like a cute little boy (and still has his curls!).

Here are some pics of the process and a video!
First haircut

Melisa, Evan, and Isaac

16 Months

Hi all,

It's been almost a month since our last update and it's been a busy one! Isaac is continuing to understand more and show more of his personality every day.

Since our last update:
- Isaac is fully adjusted to daycare and doing very well. Daddy drops him off and picks him up every day. His favourite activity is still the water table!
- We had a lovely Hanukkah including a nice evening with Evan's cousins and their families
- We had a holiday get together with my friends from first year at UBC. Leah,Scott, and Kiyomi (6 months), and Melanie,Morgan, Lauren (3 years) and Paige (4 months). Isaac had fun terrorizing Kiyomi and running around with Lauren
- Baba Judi visited for a week and Izzy had tons of fun playing with her!
- We had the 2nd annual baby group xmas party (see the pic!)
- Isaac blows kisses and is really good at signing "please" 
- We had a good time in Abbotsford over Christmas with lots of family (Ali, Bryce, and Toya were all home from Alberta!) and Isaac got spoiled
- Isaac's favourite things are the Jack-in-the-Box, his stuffed snowman, his books (especially Peppa the Pig), and the special photo album Grandma Donna made for him
- Isaac played in the snow for the first time (we got a good dump while we were in Abby)
- Isaac said "nutcracker" (ca-ca-ca)
- Isaac helps to pick up his toys and uses a cloth to wipe the floor and his highchair tray
- He can play notes on the recorder now!

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday and wish you all the best for a happy and healthy New Year!

Melisa, Evan, and Isaac

Video Links:
Isaac and Kiyomi
5 one year olds on a couch
Bad influences...
Dance party
Unwrapping his BIG gift!
...And banging on the box
Sharing a snack with Grandma
Feeding himself (one way or another!)
Jack in the box

15.5 months

Hi all,

The biggest change since our last update is that Isaac has started daycare. We're still doing the gradual entry process but he's doing really well. Today he went on a 45 min wagon ride with a couple other kids and apparently loved it!!

Other news since our last update:
- Isaac's favourite food is curry!
- He is starting to help clean up (i.e. can put blocks back in a container)
- Still likes music with a good beat, especially Latin beats
- Is REALLY testing boundaries and can be very disobedient/stubborn
- Loves snowmen!
- Combs his hair with the comb
- Has started to attach to his stuffed giraffe (Charlie) and elephant (Chuck)
- Really likes the dreidel book we've been reading each night of Chanukah

Love to all!
-Melisa, Evan, and Isaac

A naked baby
Family walk
Storytime with Daddy
Isaac and Lucia
Storytime redux (with Martin reading)
Stair climber
Reading Mommy's magazine
A little dancing
Isaac's pal Charlie
Snowman hunt
Exploring the office
Playing in his crib Pt 1
Playing in his crib Pt 2
Dancing to Raffi
Learning to use a fork (or not!)

First day of daycare

I had a great time playing with my new friends at daycare this morning!  All the kids were really nice to me and there was so much to explore.  My favourites were drawing with markers (and getting it all over my hands,  face,  and clothes!)  and learning to wash my hands in the trough!  I only stayed for 2 hours (with mom there the whole time) before I got very tired. I took a nap on the bus on the way home!


15 Months

Hi all,

It's been a bit of a rough patch for us as Isaac has been sick most of the past few weeks. First a cold, then the hand, foot, and mouth virus, then a bacterial infection on his face and a stomach virus. He was a real trooper through it all - we are very lucky his default is to try and be happy. Thankfully he seems back to his old self now!

Since our last update, Isaac:
- Was offered a spot at the UBC daycare and will start the first week of December
- Said Mama and Dada for the first time
- Says more animal sounds - quack, meow, moo, hoot hoot, monkey sounds
- Uses the sign for please
- Can stand up by himself without holding on to anything

We hope you enjoy the pics and videos!

Melisa, Evan, and Isaac

Video links:
Pro golfer
Music man
A trail of goldfish
At playgym
Exploring the house
Looking at himself in the phone

14 Months!

Hi all,

It's time for another update! Our little guy is officially walking! He worked on it the entire month of October - his first step was Oct 1 and on Oct 31 he decided he was ready to take off. Isaac said his first word...Duck! He is also able to use sign language for milk, more, and all done. Isaac understands a lot more these days and is able to tell us what he wants. He loves walking (especially holding on to our fingers) and going up and down stairs. Isaac still loves books and will now bring us a book to read to him (he shoves the book in our face and climbs on our lap!).

We did our 2nd Annual visit to the Stanley Park Ghost Train with the baby group (Isaac was Tigger) but the costume was a little snug so we decided to go with Superman for Halloween. SuperIzzy visited Evan's work for a Halloween party and a Pumpkin Carving party at the Cancer Agency on Friday the 30th. We tried to get up to Oliver to visit our Great-Grandparents but Isaac and I came down with colds so we visited with G&G in Abbotsford instead for a couple days.

Hope you enjoy the pictures and videos!

Melisa, Evan, and Isaac

Video links:
Swans at Steveston
Our talented little boy... (if you listen closely he says 'duck' right before I ask him to say it)
Ring, ring!
Dancing at the park with Grandma
Typical Iz
Shake that booty!
Ducks in the bath
Riding the waves (this is a boat-like platform that sways)
Isaac walking with Daddy (this video is super blurry and dizziness inducing - watch at your own risk!)
Fun with puffs
New snack container
And he's off!

13+ months

Hi all,

It's been a month since our last update and Isaac has had a couple of big firsts. His first "sound" (not sure it counts as a word) is...woof! Isaacloves dogs! He gets very excited whenever he sees a dog and if you ask him what a dog says, he will tell you, "woof!". He also took his first steps Oct 1 and this has increased up to about 6 before he usually tumbles down. He loves walking with his walker or holding onto our hands. 

We also had his first dentist appointment with Dr. Marco, a visit to the Bloedel Conservatory (he loved the birds), and Isaac and I flew to Edmonton to spend a wonderful Thanksgiving with Auntie Ali and Uncle Bryce. Isaac's favourite toys are his books - he will read by himself for up to 15 min before coming to find Mom or Dad. He is also starting to communicate much more with lots of pointing and sounds.

As always we hope you enjoy the pictures and videos! I'll try to continue to send these emails ever couple of weeks. If you ever want to be removed from the list just let me know!

Melisa, Evan, and Isaac

Video links:
Bus hellos
Isaac's 2 fave things
Parking walking (and Mommy tricked me into standing)
Bird watching
Boy in a box
A walking machine!
His pig impression??
Crib time
Making a mess
Noisy pet book